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Fw: [Moon-Net] First-Hand Information abt. MAROC-TUBSAT

This from the moon-net list.

Hopefully, that's the last we'll hear of the satellite on 144.1 anyway.

David Smith

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From: "Dick Harms en Beatrijs van Pelt" <dwharms@hetnet.nl>
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Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2002 11:35 PM
Subject: [Moon-Net] First-Hand Information abt. MAROC-TUBSAT

> Hello all,
> The underlined info I received from our satellite coordinator at VERON,
> PE1KEH, originating from DF5DP. I suggest with this use of bandwith we can
> terminate the subject, but lets remain alert.
> 73, Dick/PA2DWH
> _____
> First-Hand Information abt.
> Dear Friends,
> today I found the phone number of Prof. Renner at Technical University
> Berlin (TUB), Germany, who is the head of the TUBSAT team. I called him by
> phone and got the information I give below:
> MAROC-TUBSAT is a joint project of TUB and a Moroccan group at Rabat. This
> group was responsible for the choice of frequencies. They told him, that
> they were radio amateurs, and the frequencies were OK and coordinated.  He
> relyed on their word.
> The 144.100 MHz downlink is a beacon, which was implemented to support
> tracking of the satellite and enable discrimination of the correct object
> the NORAD data. The text transmitted was CN for Morocco , a name and some
> text in Arabian, and some CW phrase, which he was told as beeing used in
> Radio.
> Prof. Renner received lots of complaints about this transmission on
> MHz from radio amateurs, especially from Australia. From this he learned,
> that there must be something wrong with using this frequency. He
> urged the Moroccan team to switch off this downlink then, and they did so.
> Prof. Renner repeatedly told me, that he feels very sorry for interfering
> the radio amateurs.
> The command channel of the satellite is 436.075 MHz. This is an up- and
> downlink. The downlink is not active permanetly; it only responds, when
> command stations are sending any commands. There are two command stations:
> one in Berlin, Germany, and one in Rabat, Morocco. So it should be
> to hear the 70 cm downlink within a circle around Berlin and Rabat only,
> whenever these cities are in view of the satellite.
> The other TUBSAT satellite mentioned on a internet home page "DLR-TUBSAT"
> also uses the 436.075 MHz downlink. But this is only an additional
> for emergency use of the space craft. All other frequencies of DLR-TUBSAT
> are not in the radio amateur bands.
> I told Prof. Renner, that the 2 m downlink is causing severe interference,
> and the 70 cm downlink my cause (less) interference, but was not OK
> He again told me, that the Moroccan group told him, that they were radio
> amateurs, and all this was OK within the rules of amateur radio. The head
> the Moroccan group is a high-rank General in the King's staff. His name is
> Benslimane. Callsign is unknown to TUB.
> I'd like to emphasize, that Prof. Renner spoke with me in a very
> constructive and agreeable way. He several times said, that he obviously
> bad-advised and he regrets the problems caused to the radio amateurs. He
> feels very sorry about this.
> I promised him, that I will pass the contents of our phone call to the
> international AMSAT community, and I tried to do this above in an
> matter-of-fact way.
> Additionally I told him, that he should expect to receive more complaints,
> because the the satellite(s) are using frequencies of the Amateur Radio
> Service, which is not OK. I offered him to call me, when he needs any
> information regarding frequencies and amateur radio for future projects,
> gave him my address and details.
> 73 de Norbert, DF5DP df5dp@amsat.org <mailto:df5dp@amsat.org>
> (Leader of DARC Staff Satellites and Space Projects)
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