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Re: Maroc-Tubsat Satellite Signal

>>> maybe its a Bin Laden communications satellite. The US govt has been 
>>> monitoring traditional commo means, perhaps the evil ones decided to 
>>> try ham radio? It seems to have an arabic name. it is highly 
>>> suspicious.
>> If you want to slobber this racial crap, I suggest you keep it in 
>> private emails.
>> If you were "kidding", it is about as funny and insensitive as making 
>> jokes about beating women.
>> The attacks of Sept. 11 were designed to cultivate fear and prejudice 
>> like this ... this harkens back to attitudes towards US nationals of 
>> Japanese descent in WWII ...
>> Please, let's be careful about what we say and how we say it. Free 
>> speech isn't worth a damn if it is used to hurt people.
>> 73,
>> Dave VE3GYQ/W8
> Why do you say my comments were racist?
> The evil ones who attacked the USA were Muslim. They were of Arabic 
> origin. Bin laden has been using our technology against us. I 
> considered using ham satellites for Y2K if needed so why wouldn't Bin 
> Laden consider using ham satellites too. This unknown sat looks like an 
> uncoordinated intruder.

Aside from their using 144.1 for MCW, which is not compatible with weak 
signal USB/CW, I don't see it as much of a threat.  They could have 
worked a little more closely with other people using the band, but since 
it's not regulated by the FCC, there's not much we can do about that.  
I'm not ruling out the possibility that a hamsat might someday be used 
in the way you're implying, just saying it doesn't look like this one is 
being used that way now, and it's extremely unlikely that the control 
operators of the satellite would be using their own satellite for 
terrorist communications.  Would you endanger your own license by doing 
that?  I sure wouldn't.

If anyone uses ham infrastructure for terrorist communications, it will 
probably be unlicensed rogues, possibly using fictitious callsigns, 
almost certainly on a prescheduled basis and using some sort of 
prearranged code.  I would worry a lot more about HF than I would about 
satellites, because HF doesn't depend on a satellite, or repeater, or 
link system that can be shut down at an inconvenient point in the 
operation.  Satelllites are really only a minor threat.

> We are looking for Muslims and Arabs. The govt here said this past week 
> that as many as 50,000 Arabs are illegally here in the USA now 
> (overstayed their visas like the attackers). Not all of them are 
> probably terrorists but some most surely are. I didn't say that all 
> Arabs or all Muslims are bad. BUT we know that the evil ones are Arabs 
> and Muslims so we need to sort the good ones from the bad.

How do you know this?  I certainly wouldn't say everyone evil in this 
country is an Arab and/or Muslim -- I know of plenty that are not.  Many 
of those are citizens or legal immigrants, and they pose as much of a 
threat as any foreign national overstaying a 6 month non-employment 
visa ..

> We need to do this sorting in a way that protects the rights of the 
> legal immigrants and citizens. Illegals should have no such 
> protection - they should be deported or imprisoned.

I agree to an extent, but I also have to express my concern at feeding 
unnecessary fears.  People with Arabic names or Middle Eastern 
appearance are already being harrassed and attacked for no reason other 
than guilt by association.  My own stepdaughter is Hispanic, but by a 
genetic quirk has very Middle Eastern features, and she gets pulled over 
frequently enough that she has to drive with her driver's license and 
insurance in her *hand* on most days.  Talk like this is what makes me 
worry that someday it won't be a cop that pulls her over and I'll have 
to go identify her at the morgue.  I have to ask that you be very 
careful about language like this because, besides the fact that it 
promotes a false sense of security and situational awareness, it is 
generally more harmful than helpful and gives the real terrorists a 
place to hide ..

Heard from a flight instructor:
"The only dumb question is the one you DID NOT ask, resulting in my 
going out and having to identify your bits and pieces in the midst of 
torn and twisted metal."

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