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Re: Maroc-Tubsat Satellite Signal

At 12:28 AM 1/26/2002 -0500, sco@sco-inc.com wrote:
>maybe its a Bin Laden communications satellite. The US govt has been 
>monitoring traditional commo means, perhaps the evil ones decided to try 
>ham radio? It seems to have an arabic name. it is highly suspicious.

If you want to slobber this racial crap, I suggest you keep it in private 
If you were "kidding", it is about as funny and insensitive as making jokes 
about beating women.

The attacks of Sept. 11 were designed to cultivate fear and prejudice like 
this ... this harkens back to attitudes towards US nationals of Japanese 
descent in WWII ...

Please, let's be careful about what we say and how we say it. Free speech 
isn't worth a damn if it is used to hurt people.


Dave VE3GYQ/W8

David B. Toth, MD    mailto:ve3gyq@amsat.org
Lima, Ohio

  "We are all ignorant, only in different ways, and no one is as
   ignorant as an educated man outside his own field" - Will Rogers  

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