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Callsign procedure question

I need help from some of you experienced DXers.

The callsign issued me by the Korean government when I requested a guest 
operating permit is HL2/KK4UZ.  The HL2 prefix is the Korean district call, 
followed by my US callsign.   During the this morning's early Pacific pass 
of AO-40 (#571 according to Nova), when I called or was being called by 
some one, there was a great deal of confusion concerning my call 
sign.  Particularly, by hams from non-native English speaking countries.

Phonetically I said "Hotel Lima Two stroke Kilo Kilo Four Uniform 
Zulu."   The term "stroke" seemed to confuse everyone.  To the best of my 
knowledge, years ago before the IARU changed the procedure, it was proper 
to use my US callsign first (KK4UZ) then add portable HL2.

What is the correct procedure for SSB contacts using my particular 
callsign?  Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

73, Bob  HL2/KK4UZ

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