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Re: question

>> is it legal, for a tech to transmit on an uplink on 2 meters, when the
>> downlink is on 10 meters.
> You may transmit where ever your license permits you to transmit. Want 
> happens to your signal after you transmit it is something beyond your 
> control.
> A codeless tech may not use 2 meters to turn on say a 10 meter 
> repeater, but if a 2/10 meter cross-linked repeater were already on, 
> the tech code talk on it.

I have to agree with this.  My understanding has always been that a 
repeater or hamsat is considered under the control of its trustee and/or 
control operator unless it is proven not to be, in which case automatic 
operation must be terminated (i.e. the repeater shut down) until there 
is a control operator supervising it.  Since it's under the control of a 
trustee and/or control operator, the repeater can transmit on any 
frequency the control operator can use, and anyone uplinking on 2mFM or 
440FM is only responsible for their own signals, not those rebroadcast 
by the repeater.  (Interestingly enough, this also means if you drive 
out of range of a repeater before you ID, you don't have to turn around 
and go back in range to sign off -- just ID your own signal and the 
repeater will ID for itself.)  Any cross-links are the sole 
responsibility of the control operator of the repeater.  Since 
satellites are essentially spaceborne repeaters, the same rules apply 
with only slight modifications ..

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