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AEA VHF/UHF Analysist

Does anyone have software for the AEA VHF/UHF Analysist?

It is a handheld battery powered plotting type SWR bridge which has a
serial port. I just assumed I could stick the whole thing inside a
satelltie model, and let it take data and then dump the data over the
serial port.

Seems like it is much dumber than that and you have to interrogate each
datapoint live.  THus wires, thus you cant get a truely autonomous SWR
reading on a satellite model without having wires to read the data which
then totally invalidates your result.

I guess we will just go back to wires for the SWR data and use lots of
ferrite chokes... or build a whole packet system to do it wireless...
AH hA!  Or put a laptop inside the model with it.... hummh...


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