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Re: Maroc Tubsat

> For the record also heard on 436.075 Mhz at 0830 hrs today 25th January. 
> My location South Wales UK - IO81EM. 
> Again just a short burst of data which I have been unable to decode. A 
> very strong signal using Kenwood TH -D7 and it normal helical. 
> Nothing heard on the 144.1 Mhz frequency. 

Reports are that they appear to be planning to use a higher bandwidth
downlink than a 9.6K modem can decode.  It would be helpful if someone
able to receive 38.6K or better were to listen on this frequency.  We
need to go to fast digital modes, and assuming no harmful interference,
i think it could be a positive thing to have another satellite which 
utilizes such modes that we could use to test and develop higher speed 
digital operation both for space and for terrestrial use.  However, 
we do need to be cautious about the intrusion of inapppropriate and/or
commercial use in the amateur bands.

                           -- KD6PAG

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