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Need presentation material

I am doing a program at or Feb. ham club meeting and the topic is
satellites.  They want something on working the easy ones. I have found
the working the easy sats booklet on the AMSAT site but before I spend
time building a presentation  I figured I would ask on the forum if
anyone had something they could share. I have been out of the sat.
business for a while but I am the best resource in the club. I would
like to give them a list of easy sats to work and how to go about it. I
think I saw a list someone had posted earlier so I will go find it
again. The overall objective of the presentation is to leave them with
the feeling that they can go home and work a bird if they do what I tell
Several folks are into APRS so if anyone has a how presentation on using
PCSAT (Bob?) that would be a big help as well.
I also saw a request for some wav files of sat. QSOs. That would make a
nice addition to the presentation because I'm betting there will not be
a bird in view (but I will check).
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind
building a presentation myself but I would just as soon not reinvent the
wheel. Replys to *W0TFS@amsat.org* (drop the *)
Thanks, Fant - W0TFS

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