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re: MAROC-TUBSAT -- a review

Thanks, Bob for the following remarks:

    I still may be missing something, but... 
    - It seems it is still too early to start a firestorm... 
    - I have not seen any reports of harmful interference. 
    - I have not seen any evidence yet that it is not an amateur satellite 
    - Just because one "hears" a signal, does not necessarily constitute 
    "harmful interference"... 

I'm not yet convinced that we are looking at a group of people who
have gone through a great deal of work to put up a satellite that may
be useful for amateur and/or scientific purposes.  We all agree that
144.1 Mhz isn't a good choice for a downlink and hopefully they have
either a frequency-agile transmitter or alternate downlinks at more
conventional frequencies.  They do seem to have the ability to turn
it off/on, and show a possible willingness to cooperate.  I don't have
an up-to-date list of 70cm satellite frequencies, but at first glance,
436.075 MHz doesn't look like a bad choice.

So the approach that i would be more inclined to take is rather than
flaming them, say, "Hey, it's really neat you put a satellite in orbit!
Congradulations.  Tell us more about it and can we help you by providing
signal reports, telemetry data, or test signal."  Of course, some gentle 
suggestions about using proper identification and appropriate operating
frequencies might also be in order.  We don't know that they don't have
something that might be really valuable to us in orbit already.  On the
other hand, if it is indeed a commercial satellite operating in the 
amateur bands, we will need to go through diplomatic channels.

So to summarize, let's try to make friends rather than enemies.  And
do collect data, at that should be useful no matter what the outcome is.

                         -- KD6PAG

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