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Copy of original Email to MAROC-TUBSAT

Date:   01/24/2002 4:50:39 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   <A HREF="mailto:Roger Kola">Roger Kola</A>
To: <A HREF="mailto:butz@vectronic-aerospace.com";>butz@vectronic-aerospace.com
CC: <A HREF="mailto:AMSAR-BB@amsat.org";>AMSAR-BB@amsat.org</A>

Dear Sir;

There has been much concern in the worldwide Amateur Radio Community 
regarding the sudden appearance of MAROC-TUBSAT on Amateur frequencies 
without prior announcement or clarification.

While the 436.075 MHz frequency is appropriate for many transmission modes, 
the 144.100 MHz frequency is only available for narrowband, weak signal 
modes.  The appearance of an FM CW modulated carrier on that frequency has 
many operators upset.

As the general public has no knowledge of MAROC-TUBSAT's frequency  
capabilities, much unfounded fear has been displayed on worldwide "chats".

I invite you to make a clarification statement which may be passed on to the 
"concerned" people.

Yours in Technology,

Roger Kolakowski
Boston, MA  USA
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