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Re: MAROC-TUBSAT -- a review

Hi, Ranier,

At 06:30 PM 24-01-02 +0100, Rainer DF6NA wrote:
>First: it does not matter if it is an amateur satellit or not
>144.100MHz is not a satellit frequency !!!

While not in accord with the IARU band plan, the band from 144 to 146 MHz 
is allocated to the amateur-satellite service world wide.

>Second: We have to stop EVERY little try to enter the amateur bands.
>You can not cry early enough!!!

While we should be guarding our frequency bands, crying loudly isn't the 
only way to deal with the matter.  Often, it's not the best way.

Think if you had committed this error, all with the best intentions, would 
you deal better with a friendly phone call or a government agent at your 
door?  In the end, we need all the friends we can get.

>Third : You may not "put anything anywhere" !! We have regulations who
>may use which portion of a band and you can not make your own "bandplans" as
>you think.

Yes.  But, the system works because of enlightened self interest.  In part, 
that means: if I fix my problems when they're pointed out, then others will 
do the same for me.  We help each other.

>So DON´T wait !!! Complain where ever you can !!!

Let's not.  Better to pursue the truth and follow the normal plan for 
dealing with unknown signals - through IARU.  Much better than a reflex 
reaction to complain, IMHO.

To be constructive, suggest documenting all that you hear and forwarding 
your observations to your national IARU member society.

73, art.....

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