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Hello All:

In the last 24 hours we receive a lot of diferent positions about the
problem of this signal over 144.1 and I want to say:

-About this "Intruder" over 144.1 Mhz, if this signal is generate by one
amaetur satellite of course one of the first signals we receive is and
official CALLSIGN. We receive or report any official callsign? I think not.
-What is harmful interference?, If you like to listen normal signal with S3
or more no problem but if your hobby is oriented to listen weak signals with
may be only half dB over the noise I considere the signal of this "intruder"
"A HARMFUL INTERFERENCE", the rest is only and invitation to philosophize.
- The only evidence we need to recognice this "Intruder" like an amateur
satellite is a valid Callsign, and of course the verification of this
callsign and the verification about the launch, frec planning etc..The rest
is only speculation.
-Recognize this "Intruder" and invite to report this transmision are not
"firestorm". It´s only and invitation to protect our bands. It's that bad?
-May be if the "intruder" transmit over 144.99 or 145.825 we see a stronger
reactions about this "harmful interference".

73 DX

Alex Artieda

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