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Re: MAROC-TUBSAT -- a review

Im sorry but I think sitting around and waiting is wrong. Searching around I
cant find a thing that this is an amateur radio satellite. If it was built
with its end users being hams.. why isnt this stated on any of the
"TUBSAT"'s web sites? True it maybe sending CW in a CW subband but it's FM..
and in the end it this turns out to be a hamsat.. having the 2m FM downlink
at 144.1 is going to piss someone off. Just the description of TUBSAT doesnt
sound like it's going to be "handed over."

We have two unknown signals transmitting in two ham bands.. one in a band
that will cause harmful interference to the users of that portion of the
band.. We have not idea of who is doing this. We dont know the enduse of
this sat. Sitting around on our hands to play wait and see might say we dont
mind it being there.. and this would send the wrong message. If in the end
it is going to be handed over to amateur use then this will be something
we'll find out as we start asking questions.. but if we dont.. all we'll do
is wonder what the hell its doing there. Even if it is handed over in the
end.. we better hope it can TX somewhere else besides 144.1MHz because it
wont be right for the sat guys to be bugging the weak signal guys down
there.. I wouldnt use it if it interfers with other users who are in our
bandplans.. tha would be wrong.

Have Amsat-?? whoever to ask around and find out why this is here.. other
then that.. keep monitoring it and logging it.


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> On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, RaySoifer wrote:
> > If you actually heard one of these signals, it is important that you
> > document the observation... and send a report to the IARU Monitoring
> > Service coordinator of your national radio society....
> >
> > It is important to document and report such interference because, under
> > ITU Radio Regulations, any country may put any station on any frequency,
> > long as no harmful interference is caused to stations of other countries
> > operating within the Table of Frequency Allocations.  If amateurs do not
> > report interference from an intruder, the country which put it there
> > thus claim that it is legitimate under international regulations.
> I still may be missing something, but...
>   - It seems it is still too early to start a firestorm...
>   - I have not seen any reports of harmful interference.
>   - I have not seen any evidence yet that it is not an amateur satellite
>   - Just because one "hears" a signal, does not necessarily constitute
>     "harmful interference"...
> Lets wait and see what is going on?  I am all 100% for protecting our
> amateur bands and will jump on any bandwagon for such a defense.  But it
> still seems premature to start sending letters with the tone of "harmful
> intereference" to someone who may be an asset to us...
> Who knows, maybe we are logging the initial peeps of a new amateur
> satellite that will benefit us all?
> If we set out to BURN them now, and it turns out to be something we could
> have  used, the bad feelings we sow now will BURN US later...  THey would
> rather turn it OFF then let us use it IAW the ITU regulations...
> de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob
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