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Re: [amsat-international] Re: MAROC-TUBSAT -- a review

Ray, Thanks you for your measured response to this "intrusion."

Bob has made some valid points however we need to understand certain aspects
our service and its operation.

To understand the IARU Monitoring Service activities it is perhaps of
advantage to recall
that this grew from what was original called the Intruder Watch. The
question arises; is
this an amateur station observing normal amateur protocols?

It does not have an amateur callsign as defined by the ITU Radio Regulations
in the
appropriate article covering the Amateur Service neither does it operate in
the frequency
bands allocated to the Amateur Satellite Service.

I understand the signal was first reported by the VK terrestrial DXers and
not by the
satellite users. Without doubt, to those DXers this is interference and they
rightfully can
complain as I would expect them to do if any amateur set up a beacon on that
The satellite enthusiasts role has been to identify (hopefully correctly)
the source. Correctly,
as Bob points out, this is not interference to the satellite users.

So we are faced with two possibilities.
    1. It is a licensed amateur radio system but operating outside the
allocated frequency band
and not observing internationally agreed band plans. (There could be a
problem here as I am
not sure that Region I, IARU, have an agreed VHF band plan. Hans could put
us straight on
this point.)
    2. It is non-amateur and an intrusion which requires a formal response.

In either case, the Monitoring service is an appropriate vehicle for action.
If there is an AMSAT
organisation or contact in Morocco then they should be our first point of

Failing this then contact for clarification is best done via their Society
and appropriately via their
IARU Liaison Officer.

Following Bob's other points.
It is inappropriate to start a "firestorm" but that is not what you suggest.
We need a measured
The matters of interference and intrusion are covered above. Radio amateurs
are the only group
seriously concerned with keeping our bands for use by persons within the
Amateur Service. As
to whether or not this is an amateur satellite, the question can naturally
be reversed to say there
is nothing (so far) which could identify it as legitimate radio amateur
station operating within the
Amateur Satellite Service.

Trust this can be resolved amicably. If it is, as we hope, an amateur
satellite, that we can all share
the promoters joy of their success. We can congratulate them on that success
but trust they might
consider the impact worldwide of the operation on 144.1 MHz.

73, Terry, ZL3QL
NZART, IARU Liaison.
(Passed President NZART and NZART IARU Liaison Officer)

(Extracts) :-
----- Original Message -----
Last from Ray:-
> At 12:12 PM 1/24/02 -0500, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> >On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, RaySoifer wrote:
> >
> > > If you actually heard one of these signals, it is important that you
> > > document the observation... and send a report to the IARU Monitoring
> > > Service coordinator of your national radio society....
> > >
> > > It is important to document and report such interference because,
under the
> > > ITU Radio Regulations, any country may put any station on any
frequency, as
> > > long as no harmful interference is caused to stations of other
> > > operating within the Table of Frequency Allocations.  If amateurs do
> > > report interference from an intruder, the country which put it there
> > > thus claim that it is legitimate under international regulations.
> >
> >I still may be missing something, but...
> >   - It seems it is still too early to start a firestorm...
> >   - I have not seen any reports of harmful interference.
> >   - I have not seen any evidence yet that it is not an amateur satellite
> >   - Just because one "hears" a signal, does not necessarily constitute
> >     "harmful interference"...
> >
> >Lets wait and see what is going on?  I am all 100% for protecting our
> >amateur bands and will jump on any bandwagon for such a defense.  But it
> >still seems premature to start sending letters with the tone of "harmful
> >intereference" to someone who may be an asset to us...
> >

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