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MAROC-TUBSAT -- a review


 From what I've been able to put together, here's the situation as of 1400 
UTC on 24 January.

The source of the interfering signal on 144.100, reported throughout the 
world over the last several days, is MAROC-TUBSAT.   So far at least, we've 
had no reports of that signal on 144.100 since about 1800 UTC yesterday 
(the 23rd).  We do not know why, or if it will resume.

Another signal from MAROC-TUBSAT has been identified on 436.075 MHz, and 
this is apparently continuing on an intermittent basis.  After several 
hours of silence, it was reported by DJ1KM as recently as 0950 this 
morning.  I listened on an overhead pass at 1305-1322 and did not hear it 
here.  Again, we do not know the reasons.

A Swedish web site identified by Peter, DB2OS, says that MAROC-TUBSAT may 
also have a transmitter on 2401.0 MHz, FEC 250KB BPSK.  However, no one has 
yet reported hearing it.

If you actually heard one of these signals, it is important that you 
document the observation (date, time, QTH, any identifying characteristics 
such as what was transmitted or correlation with MAROC-TUBSAT keps) and 
send a report to the IARU Monitoring Service coordinator of your national 
radio society.  In the USA, that is N4QX at ARRL Hq. (n4qx@arrl.org).  If 
there is no such coordinator, send it to your society's IARU Liaison Officer.

It is important to document and report such interference because, under the 
ITU Radio Regulations, any country may put any station on any frequency, as 
long as no harmful interference is caused to stations of other countries 
operating within the Table of Frequency Allocations.  If amateurs do not 
report interference from an intruder, the country which put it there could 
thus claim that it is legitimate under international regulations.

Let's hope it's gone away, at least on 144.1, but please keep listening and 
reporting what you hear.

73, Ray, W2RS  

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