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RE: No RFI from LCD computer monitor

John, K9IJ wrote:

You can change the default text size of application windows by right clicking on the desktop and selecting 'properties' and then the 'Appearance' Tab. You can also change the size of desktop icons and other things.

Wayne W9AE replies:

First, an apology to amsat-bb readers for straying so far off the topic of satellites.

Using John's instructions I selected a larger default text size using the Display Properties Control Panel.  The preview window shows larger "Window Text", but I don't see ACTUAL "Window Text" get bigger when I APPLY the larger text size to the entire screen.  Only the title bar and menu text get bigger.

Windows2000 can also change default text size using the "Accessibility Wizard".  There it specifically says that enlarging the default text does NOT enlarge the text inside windows.  It says to switch to a lower screen resolution if you need larger text inside windows.

Thanks, John, for pointing out how to select among 5 text sizes in Internet Explorer.  That is handy to know.  Too bad it doesn't work when tiny text is imbedded in a GIF image map.

Back to satellites:  If any amsat-bb readers go to the WCRA hamfest (Chicago area) on January 27, come by and say hi to W9AE and W9XA at the AMSAT booth.  We will display a G3RUH dish and have laptop computers demonstrating SatPC32, Nova, and InstantTrack.  Plus the usual AMSAT publications on sale.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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