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Re: It's BADR-B

> ...if we get consensus that BADR-B is the intruder in question, we can
> begin sending interference reports to the Pakistani authorities
> through the IARU Monitoring System.

I would think that before we start some kind of mass process, that we wait
and see. The way I understand it, if the satellite is an amateur
satellite, it is legal within the ITU regulations although it appears
that it did not follow the gentlemens IARU agreed band plan.

Just because it is heard on one of our favorite DX frequencies, does not
necessarily define its emissions as "interference".  And if it is an
amateur satellite that we are all going to have access to, I would rather
give it the benefit-of-the-doubt as a potential opportunity rather than a
problem until we learn more...

So I would suggest that we wait and see.  Even if they made a mistake in
choosing the proper HAM frequency, maybe this is correctible and we would
not want to cause our fellow HAMS all kinds of heartache if in the future
it turns out that they just launched a great HAM satellite for the benefit
of us all... and only made a correctible mistake...

Besides, it is CW in the CW portion of the band....

Just my 2 cents...
de WB4APR, Bob

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