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fn51 event

just incase I messed up the last try...

Amsat Members,
My name is Lou Sarkas, KB1HJB  AMSAT #33776 and have been asked many times
recently to activate the grid FN51  the eastern most  part of Cape cod, MA.
running north/ south  I live in grid FN41vq,  I am going to activate the
grid on February 4  between 22:00 UTC  ~ 03:00 UTC   approx. 3 passes.   we
will only be working UO-14   using an arrow yagi and T-81A HT  I am using
this forum to make you aware of this event, and am doing this for the sake
of those who need this grid.  we are hopeful this will turn out to help many
get this grid which seems to be rare.  any questions or coments please
e-mail me at maranatha@mediaone.net  with uo-14 as subject.  a special qsl
will be made and mailed upon reciept of the other stations qsl.
(P.S.  I have applied many months ago for a vanity call and they are
starting to issue them now, if the call is issued I will be calling under
the new call. N1GOD  if this occures I will post it if possible...I am
doubtful though : )   )
KB1HJB   www.sarkas.com/ham.htm
sorry if this turns out to be duplicate.

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