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I just had LOS on 144.1 (actually 144.097 with the Doppler), and agree with 
Frank, DL6DBN, that the object transmitting on that frequency correlates 
very well with the keps for BADR-B that appear on the Celestrak web 
site.  I also tried the other keps listed there from that launch, and the 
correlation with BADR-B was by far the best.

I would suggest that readers download the BADR-B keps from Frank's message 
on amsat-bb, or from the amsat-bb archives on amsat.org if you are not 
subscribed to that list, and try the correlation for yourselves.  Then, if 
we get consensus that BADR-B is the intruder in question, we can begin
sending interference reports to the Pakistani authorities through the IARU 
Monitoring System.

Happy hunting!

73, Ray, W2RS

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