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What's Wrong?

1535Z 23 Jan 2002.

Ok guys, I am using a SSB-3000 (70 cm) fed by a G3RUH patch antenna attached
to a 1.2m offset fed solid fiberglass dish.  There is a 70 cm to 10m
converter in the shack feeding the receiver.

With the antenna pointed 180 degrees away from AO-40, an elevation "way"
off, I still receive good CRC signals.  (I am positive of my antenna
position).       Noise = S3.5,  SIG = S9 +.

With the antenna pointed at AO-40, the signals are S9 plus 20 dB with a
noise floor on my Collins 75A-4 of S3.5.

My guess is that I do not have the patch in the proper position, although it
appears to be exactly where the TV feed was.

Can the G3RUH "look through" the dish.  I am tempted to take the patch feed
off, and just hold it in my hand without any dish, but it's raining too


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