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Re: Mystery Satellite on 144.1MHz

on 1/23/02 13:50, David Smith at vk3hz@yahoo.com wrote:

> The satellite MAROC-TUBSAT launched on 10 December 2001 seems to be a
> possible
> candidate:
> - Period of 105.13 minutes
> - Inclination of 99.64 degrees.

>From what I can make out on the page you posted with information on the
orbit of Maroc-Tubsat, it appears to also list Badar 2 (Elsewhere refered to
as Badr B) as having been launched at the same time.. So perhaps one of
these is a payload on the other.. Also, it appears from that page that Badr
2 has "telemetry on VHF/UHF" and employs some sort of store and forward
system.. I'm just guessing by reading the words that are similar to
english.. Has anyone tried scanning through the UHF bands to see if there is
another beacon on this bird? Just curious.

Jason White
Hudson, FL - EL88qi

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