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RE: PSAT for Palm Pilot or Mc Pocket PC

I knew I would get an answer and I sure Did. Thanks Howard. You saved me a
lot of time screwing around to no avail. I do see that someone has run IT on
the iPAQ. I will have to make due with that.
Thank you for your time an in-depth answer.

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Hello Gunther

> Has anyone had any luck running Windows programs like NOVA on a Compaq
> Pocket iPAQ running Microsoft Pocket PC v 3.0??

Two problems here:

o Nova (like almost all generic Windows apps) is an Intel 386 executable but
WinCE devices, due to their low power requirements, use RISC CPUs such as
SH3, MIPS and ARM devices and therefore will not directly run i386 code.

o WinCE is such a cut down and changed version of the Win32 API there's no
chance whatsoever that any program will recompile directly from source code
and work on the WinCE platform.

That's why a couple of folks (including me) spent a lot of time five years
ago writing PC emulators for Windows CE when it first came out so you could
at least run your DOS apps on it. Simulating an 8086 and the rest of the
basic PC architecture isn't too tough (it ain't easy either) but emulating
an i386 in software is an entirely different ball game.

73 Howard G6LVB

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