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K3TZ patch

Hi All,

Just starting to get everything set up to receive AO-40.

I'm looking at using K3TZ's patch antenna on a used 76 cm dish. I've
calculated the f/D as 0.37 and a gain of about 23 dBi. This should be a good
fit from what I think I've read.

Jerry, K5OE, recommended adding a scalar ring to the patch. I would like to
know though whether the patch should be set with the focal point at the rim
of the scalar ring or at the plane of the patch itself. If this was a can
feed then it would be at the rim but as the ring is only about 25 mm deep,
I'm not sure where the focus should be. Any suggestions would be

I'm planning to follow the patch with a DEMI pre-amp, a modified Drake 2880
converter into a DEMI 2 m to 10 m converter and a TS120S for the receiver or
a R2000 receiver. I'm afraid that the R2000 may be a little deaf though so I
will probably use the TS120S.

The transmit side is still up in the air. I'm looking at possibly buying a
used/new Yaesu FT-847 or building a DEMI 70 cm transverter and put that on a
TS-450S/AT. Have to make some major decisions on the TX side before long so
that I can be ready in April for the move back to 0/0. Yes, I know that I
could work the bird before then but as a beginner it would be a lot easier
to get my feet wet when the signals are good.

Anyway, thanks for any advise.

AMSAT #33425

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