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Re: [bod] FW: Interference on 144MHz

At 02:22 AM 1/23/02 -0500, you wrote:
>If you haven't listened on the air and don't mind waiting for a few hundred
>kbytes to download, take a listen to one of the WAV files. The text it is
>sending sounds like 3-letter groups: VVV DEC NZA RKA AAL YAM AMA repeating
>It sure sounds like a satellite to me! And the symptoms are painfully
>reminiscent of the rogue BADR-1.
>I wonder if, by chance, this could be Kolibri that the Russians sent up (or
>were to send up soon) on a PROGRESS to ISS. But the period seems to be ~110
>mins, and PROGRESS doesn't fly that high.
>73, Tom
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Tom et al,

According to old records, BADR-1 did not use Morse code groups but 
transmitted telemetry using a digital system similar to that of UO-11 
(UoSAT 2), since several of the Pakistani engineers who built it had 
trained at UoS.  Based on this difference I would think it unlikely that it 
is Pakistani.  The use of 3-letter Morse telemetry suggests Russian origin.

73, Ray

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