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For sale:

Since I have put ham radio on the shelf for the time being, I have a few
items for sale that "may" pique somebody's interest.
1. NORSAT 2500 D/C with ONLY the teflon "mod" done....MINT, $45.00 +S/H
2. Telewave: TPRD-4544, UHF BpBr duplexer, rack-mounted..EXC. Cond.
3. Motorola compatible R.I.B and several adapters, cables and so on...
 all are in EXC. Cond. and were in use constantly.....R.I.B ONLY:
3. Radio cables for Mot./B-K/G.E and Ritron, along with others: start
   at $10.00 ea.
4. R.F. modules: New/used....bands from VHF and higher...E-mail for
5. LDF5-50: Andrew Heliax, USED, painted but never allowed to "rot", no
dents/bumps....swept with Sitemaster to 2 Ghz. no "bump" over .1dB.
Also have many new and used connectors available for 1/2" to XXX
diameter cables......from $5.00 ea.    E-mail for info.
6. Kenwood: TK-930, 800 MHz. LTR mobile, 15 watts, mic, pwr cord,
bracket is included...CLEAN...$150.00
7. Bashlin Ind. LINEMAN'S belt: Like new, with pole strap, Klein tool
pouch and CLEAN hooks, NO RUST or damaged equipment, stored indoors and
oiled with Neatsfoot................$175.00
8. Coring tools: CST-500R, used, with spare cutter, $35.00
   CST-565R, MINT, used on TWO cables ONLY!...$55.00
   CST-650R, EXC. Cond....clean and sharp!....$55.00
   CST-750R, Exc. Cond....CLEAN and sharp!....$55.00
ALL coring tools are in their original boxes EXCEPT for the CST-500R,
and are wrapped in their original foam, with tools, drill/hand coring
adapter and are in 100% FINE WORKING ORDER, NO RUST, NO DAMAGE!

I have a lot more items for sale, but will not list here for bandwidth

To view the duplexer, go to: www.geocities.com/aec9823, I have a few
640X480 pics of it listed there.

I pulled the majority of radio related items, but there are a few
remaining, but not for long...deals can be made on almost anything!

Thank you!
Ernest A. Erickson, KA9UCE, A.E.C
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