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Re: Looking for software

On Tuesday 22 January 2002 16:28, Howard Long wrote:

> Totally OT, for which I apologise in advance, but I saw a witty thing
> in the book Introducing Microsoft .NET a few weeks back (yes, you now
> need an entire 200+ page book to explain what a product will do for
> you before you can even write a line of code).

Interestingly enough, although Moore and Grosch are well-known 
old-school gentlemen from the mainframe days (which would explain the 
quaint "hard/software *boys*" nomenclature), a Google search reveals 
that this Jablokow person is apparently .NET specific, because the doc 
you're reading is the only place the name is mentioned online. 

I can't imagine why a company driven by OS licencing fees would be 
profligate with hardware resources. :-)  But it doesn't surprise me 
that it takes a 200 page epistle to get you ready to drink *that* 
Kool-aid, though. After all, my dusty old copy of Petzold for Win95 is 
1100 pages. It does have some code in it though. 

 73 es "just say 'no'" de Maggie K3XS  

PS: Estes, if you're still planning that hypothetical vacation, I'd say 
printed copy of precalculated passes is probably the way to go. 

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