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RE: Looking for software

Hello John

I've probably flogged this one to death, but InstantTune works under
PocketDOS on an iPaq running WinCE 3. You can even do Doppler tuning of
radios with it. http://www.g6lvb.com/it_ft817.htm Anyway I find IT works
just great for me on the iPaq. Great for planning your evening's satellite
entertainment when stuck in a meeting.

I don't know of any native WinCE packages though. I've thought of writing
one myself. Recent experience has shown me that even though I might have cut
it with the best of them when programming WinCE five years ago, the new
multi-tier technologies have passed me by when it comes to programming.

Totally OT, for which I apologise in advance, but I saw a witty thing in the
book Introducing Microsoft .NET a few weeks back (yes, you now need an
entire 200+ page book to explain what a product will do for you before you
can even write a line of code).

We all know Moores law, where the computing power at a given price point
doubles every 18 months.

Well there's the reciprocal Grosh's law, which states that it doesn't matter
how good the hardware boys are because the software boys will waste it all

Further to this is Jablokow's corollary which simply states 'And then some'.

73 Howard G6LVB

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