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PSAT for Palm Pilot

Has anybody ever used PSAT to track AO40 on a Palm Pilot?  The documentation says that it "works for both low earth orbiting and geo-synchronous satellites".  Does that mean it DOESN'T work for high elliptical orbits?

Would an old first-generation Palm Pilot have enough horsepower to run this program?

http://www.afischer.f2s.com/pilot/satellite/p.html <http://www.afischer.f2s.com/pilot/satellite/p.html> 

Unlike Pocketsat, PSAT generates a world map display showing the sub-satellite point, footprint, and ground track.  One display parameter can be configured to show either Range or Doppler.  Another nice feature determines the next AOS/LOS times over the next 12 hours.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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