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InstantTune 1.09 and VFO tracking

Anthony wrote:

If you are having problems with the
FT-847 driver in InstantTune, make sure you have the
tracking function turned OFF - you don't want InstantTune
fighting your radio's tracking function for control
of the SUB band!

This appears to be the result of programming the memories
for tracking ON as there are no CAT commands to control this
and thus no way for the software to turn it on or off.

Wayne replies:

When I first started to use InstantTune, ALL of my FT-847 satellite memories had VFO tracking enabled.  That forced me to REMEMBER (always a bad thing!) to manually disable VFO tracking every time I start InstantTune.

I got around that by storing a new satellite memory that has VFO tracking disabled.  The frequencies are irrelevant.  I named the new memory "ITUNE", and leave the radio on that memory.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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