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Re:9k6 Packet with 910H

Hallo William,

Monday, January 21, 2002, 12:45:07 AM, you wrote:

WF> Hi Reinhard, Did you work the 910 with the packsats, like UO-22, KO-25 
WF> and if so did you have to do any mods to the 910 to get it to work, 
WF> other than set it to 9600 baud. I'm having trouble getting mine to work 
WF> on 9600 . It works okay on 1200 packet to PCsat. The sig comes from  
WF> UO-22 and breaks the squelch okay and shows on the meter, but nothing to 
WF> the modem or computer. It maybe the modem, but just thought I'd check 
WF> with you first on the 910, thanks, Bill, vo1or.

I've asked my friend Kurt, DL1CR who is runing his IC-910H in 9k6 mode and
he provided the following text. I send it also to the reflector because
some other people may have the same problem.

 Reinhard (aka René)
To all, who want to use their ICOM-910H for the 9k6 satellites.

Here is my advice:

Take your instruction manual and look on page 12 at the rear panel view of
your radio. Find the location of the Sub Band Data Socket (8) and the Main
Band Data Socket (9). Then on page 13 you will see the pin connections of
these Mini-DIN sockets. The numbers are as you look from the outside of the

Take two shielded cables. Connect the one for DATA MAIN to a Mini-DIN plug
using pin1(TxD), pin3(PTT), and pin2(Gnd), connect the other one for DATA
SUB to a second Mini-DIN plug using pin4 (RxD) and pin2 (Gnd). 

Connect these cables to your TNC at TxD, RxD, PTT, and Gnd.

Depending on the TxD level from your TNC the input limiter of the radio may
prevent it from sending a signal. You can either simply load the TxD line
with a 10000 Ohm resistor or place a potentiometer between TxD from the TNC
and Gnd and connect pin1(TxD) to the slider increasing the TxD level from 0
until the radio starts sending a signal.

You can check this readily even in the absence of a satellite by loading
the WISP GSC, starting MSPE with Tracking/Run Pass/UO-22 and doing
Fill//Fill Directory/OK .

The radio should  NOT be used in SAT MODE. Set Main to 2m and SUB to 70cm.
AFC proved very helpful.

Attention JA6FTL type TrakBox owners: The TrakBox can be configured for the
IC-910H to control frequency and mode settings as well as doppler shift

Good luck and 73
Kurt DL1CR (since 1949)

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