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Re: Taking a picture of AO40 in orbit?

Yes, the US military could most likely take a real good photo of AO-40
from the ground or from another satellite.. The only problem is that
nobody in Amsat has a high enough security clearance to see it. Although
AO-40 is not a "classified" target, the mere ability to make such a
photo, if it is possible, would be the real secret.

As for Hubble......  HST was not built to track objects in Earth orbit
or on the ground. It can't slew fast enough to track a rapidly moving
object, it was built to stare at far away, slowly moving objects for
long periods of time.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

"Kenton A. Hoover" wrote:

>The USAF has a facility in southern New Mexico which is used for
photographing satellites.

"Timothy S. Zibrat"  wrote:

> Hello All,
> I'm sure that this question has been asked to ourselves, but I haven't

> seen it on the reflector.
> So here it goes, stupid question #50921:
> Is there anyway that a picture of AO40 in orbit can be taken?
> Is there a powerful enough earth based telescope that can snap a pic
> during perigee?
> Can another satellite that comes within range of AO40 that is actually

> pointing at AO40 to get an image?
> Is there anyone on this reflector that has access time on the Hubble
> snap a pic of AO40? :^)

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