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Dual-band HTs for satellite use

I need something an HT that fits better in my pack than my Alinco DJ-G5TH,
which works very nicely for AO-27, etc.  But i was disappointed when i went
to HRO looking for a replacement.  Is it the case that only ICOM and Kenwood
make full-duplex dual-band HTs, or did i miss something??  If that is indeed
the case, then i seem to have a choice between an ICOM (which is just as big
as my Alinco), and two or three Kenwoods, which i have no experience with.
Can anyone offer comparisons between the Kenwoods?  Am i going to be better
of with the TH-D7A(G), which has APRS functions and isn't wide open (e.g.
likely to be less prone to out-of-band noise), or the TH-F6A, which as SSB 
receive, and 220 MHz TX, but being wide-open RX, may not be so good in a 
high-RF environment such as the S.F. Bay Area.  On the other hand, i wonder
if it would work well with an un-mod'ed Drakes and their counter-parts. I've
routinely worked the East Coast from California on AO-27 with 1W and an Arrow
equivalent, so i hope to do the same with a newer rig.  Suggestions/opinions,
please.  'Will summarize for the Net...'

			         -- KD6PAG
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