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compact 10-12A switching power supply

Suppose (purely hypothetically) that I was going on a vacation to the Island of Guadeloupe and I wanted to do a vacation-style AO40 satellite operation while I was there.  I could bring along my FT-847.  For antennas, I could use a G3RUH dish (or homebrew umbrella antenna) and an Arrow antenna (7 elements on 435 MHz) mounted on a camera tripod.  Add other essential items such as coax cables, short crossboom, Heil headset, CW key, and that is a lot of stuff.  And that doesn't even include a laptop computer.  One way to minimize the total amount of "stuff" would be to use a very compact 12V switching power supply.  My FT-847 draws about 11 Amps at max. power on 435 MHz, so I would need a switching power supply that can supply about 12 Amps peak, and would work with 110V or 220V input.  I would probably need to tweak the output voltage up to 14.5V so it could power the FT-847 and the TranSystem downconverter.  Can anybody recommend a particular model of switching power supply tha!
t is extremely compact, but can supply 10-12A from 110V or 220V input?  

A final question.  I have a very old Palm Pilot which has 500kB of memory.  Is that enough to run the Palm tracking program that tracks high-orbit satellites?  I forget the name of the program.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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