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Re AO-40 sounded great on Sunday

Howard Long wrote:

Similar [good] conditions occur with AO-40 every four days, but 25 minutes earlier.
For instance on 24 January 2002, at 09:50 or so the same conditions will
occur, assuming the spacecraft's ALON/ALAT has not changed significantly.

Wayne replies:

Here in time zone UTC-6 it has been a LONG time since one of these short passes has occurred while I was at home and awake (I sleep late on weekends).

3 or 4 weeks from now the situation should be reversed.  North Americans can work those passes while Europeans are sleeping.

I can hardly wait for ALON/ALAT to get back near 0/0 so I can have longer and more frequent windows to play with my brand-new G3RUH dish.  I hope the roof will be sufficiently clear of snow and ice for me to put it up soon!  And with luck my azimuth rotor will decide to start moving again.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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