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Re: FO-20 Haven't heard ?

In a message dated 1/20/02 10:56:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
pmoscatt@bigpond.net.au writes:

> Over the past week I have been trying to listen for the beacon on FO-28 
>  on 435.795 but haven't heard a thing.
>  Is the bird down or am I just deaf ??   I had thought as it's in the 
>  Low Orbit it would have been pretty easy to look for.

Hi Pete,

FO-29 beacon was fine this morning. Transmitting CW @ 1123 UTC 1/21/02.
FO-20 beacon was fine this morning. Transmitting solid carrier @ 1146 UTC 

FO-20's beacon has been a solid carrier for quite some time. Both were found 
435.795 +/- doppler (~10 KHz max).

FO-20 has had some battery problems. FO-29 has been pretty solid.
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