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The time is 1230Z, 20 Jan.  I appear to be receiving my strong signal on
ao40 with minimal power (5 watts) on 440 up.  Stronger than the beacon with
no leila or anything.  My dial indicated frequencies uplink 435.713.5 and
downlink 2401.220.7.  The signal is s9, strong and steady.  No responses.
My antenna is pointed az 102 deg, el 31 deg.  Range is about 38000 km.
What I get is not AO10 which is up to the SW.  The signal has none of the
AO10 qsb.  Am I nuts??  I can't figure anything else out this could be but
ao40.  Unfortunately, I can't stick around longer this morning for other

Mal, NP2L

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