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Restoring a KR-500 El rotator - Aluminium corrosion

Hi all,

During the Christmas break, I intended getting some antennas up in the
air.  Early in the process, I discovered that the KR-500 elevation rotator
I had intended using was...  [insert favourite phrase for "failed" here].

It seems the unit has filled with water at some stage.  The bearings were
seized, and there was a large amount of aluminium corrosion inside the

We've pulled the unit apart (which was a task in itself!), and cleaned the
unit up substantially.  However, before I put it back together again, I'd
like to treat the aluminium with some sort of corrosion inhibitor.

Can anyone recommend a good soaking agent / spray / paint etc to use in
treating the corroded aluminium?

It's my intention to put together a short web-page describing how to
restore these units.  As a start, I've put some photos up on a decent
capacity website at :


The first three photos show the corrosion inside the case, the fourth
shows the identification plate details, and the last shows the state of
one of the (cleaned) ball bearings.

Any suggestions most appreciated.

73 Chris vk6kch

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