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IC-706 MkI question

Hello list!

My father is currently trying to set up a pacsat ground station, and
wants to set up a 9600 bps TNC. We have an IC-706 Mk I, and I can find
no information about the abilities of this radio as far as data goes.
I know it's got a 13 pin jack on the back, and that it claims to
provide connections for both FSK and AFSK, but I'm at a loss as to if
that means it's 9600bps capable. I know that with the IIG model, Icom
included a data jack, perhaps this model is not capable of 9600 bps
operation? The only mention of packet I've found is an older add that
has "9600/1200 bps ready (with optional equipment)." But doesn't say
what that optional equipment might be... and sort of info would be
helpful, as we both would love to see what the digital birds have to

Jason W.

P.s.- So far we've had success with ISS and PCSat using my PK-232 in
regular AFSK packet.. very fun!
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