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PCcsat spin rate

PCsat is spinning counterclockwise if you are looking up towards the
bottom in the northern hemisphere once about every 102 seconds with a
slight wobble.  (Like a top spinning but with a slow wobble)  The wobble
is on the order of 5 minutes or more...

This doesnt tell you much, because PCsat has cross polarized antennas and
you will always see at least one, but since we finally took some time
yesterday to measure it, I thought I would pass it along...

We bumped the telemetry rate on both the A and B sides up to once every 10
seconds (instead of once a minute) and captured as many packets as we
could with 4 receivers, one each 12 and 9600 baud on 145.825 and one each
on 144.39.  Then spent hours making sense out of it all...

We *think* it had a period of about 4 minutes back in the first week of
launch (11 Oct) so it has  either speeded up, or the students analysis
back then was in error...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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