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Re: The Power of PCsat (& ISS)

Hi Bob my   EMAIL   try today via PCsat 

log via findu.com  :

00:00:06:21 : PE1RME>APU16M,W3ADO-1*,G4DPZ,I::CN8AT :73 de Jacob Hoek NL{00
00:00:06:26 : PE5YES-4>APRS,W3ADO-1*,G4DPZ,I::EMAIL :bruninga@usna.edu Hi Bob msg via PCsat 73` christ jo21sk
00:00:06:29 : I6JKW>CN8AT,W3ADO-1*,G4DPZ,I:=4336.11N/01330.27E-73 de i6jkw@libero.it-[JN63SO]

Bob Bruninga <usna.edu!bruninga> writes:

>On Wed, 16 Jan 2002 T5z4@aol.com wrote:
>> > Format for the data portion of the packet is:
>> >
>> >      :EMAIL      :email@address.here and message goes here
>> Hi Bob,
>> So, do I understand correctly that this message uplinked through ISS via
>> today's NOCALL configuration would be distributed throughout the APRS network
>> when I include the APRS grid type header and also be distributed/received by
>> the intended recipient via the Internet?
>Yes,no maybe...
> I did leave out the fact that the TOCALL of your AX.25 packet does
>probably need to be one of the generic TOCALL's recognized by APRS such
>as CQ, QST, BEACON, ALL, APRS or whatever although the EMAIL engine, may
>not care.  Some people put their gridsquare in their TOCALL and this wont
>work with most APRS clients.
>ALso, the above format is the APRS message format, and so cannot be
>combined with a grid square report unless you put it int the body of the
>message for example...
>Hope that helps...
    Christ van der Weide            IN     pe5yes@amsat.org
    Eindhoven  loc JO21sk           GSM    pe5yes@sms.genie.nl   max 140chr
    the Netherlands                 ax25   pe5yes@pi8zaa.#nbo.nld.eu
    AO-10-27-40 UO-14 FO-20-29      tcpip  pe5yes@sys2.pi8zaa.ampr.org
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