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APRS Email messages

For anyone who has not received an Email originated on RF by someone with
APRS, here is what it looks like to the Email recepient.  If it came via
PCsat, or ISS, then PCSAT-1* or NOCALL* would be in the path at the

|Date: 17 Jan 2002 05:04:49 -0000                    |
|From: alias@rci.rutgers.edu                         |
|To: bruninga@usna.edu                               |
|Subject: APRS Message from ZL2VAL-10                |
|                                                    |
|Hi Bob, tryin thru local network..                  |
| -------------------------------------------------- |
|Message received by MacAPRS IGate station WU2Z      |
|Located in NO BRUNSWICK, NJ                         |
|APRS path = ZL2VAL-10>APU16M,ZL2TE,OTO*,ZL1AMW-14,I |

I added the box around it for clarity.

de WB4APR, Bob

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