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Re: Re: Another Uplink Antenna Inquiry

I just recently put one of of Wimo's 23cm helix antennas (the 20-turn, 4 ft.
version) on my AZ/EL boom and finally worked AO-40 yesterday (in combination
with a 2' x 3' bbq grill/Transystem AIDC 3733 downconverter).  Distance was
> 24K miles, elevation was approx. 37 degrees and squint was about 22.  I
was driving the helix with a Kenwood TS-2000X which puts out 10 watts on
23cm.  There's 65 ft. of 9913 low loss feedline in between as well!

This morning, I decided to see if I could hit the bird when it was > 37000
miles away, elevation was just under 11 degrees and squint was over 54.
While the signal would be tiring to struggle with on a real voice QSO, it
was still there and recognizable.  Satellite "QRP"!

73 de KG6IAL

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> Hi All, if you looking for ready made satellite antennas......
> Just a quick reminder that helical antennas for Ao40 for 70cm/23cm and
13cm are available from Wimo (www.wimo.com)

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