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Re: New Ham Radio Antenna Installed on ISS

>> The deal we got was that ARISS could use
>> the four feedthroughs for our ham antennas under the condition
>> that whatever antennas we designed to mount there would also operate
>> on 2.00 GHz for a future Russian EVA suit video system.
> and other useful info
> My point wasn't to complain that we didn't have exclusive usage of the
> antennas ... just that no-one happened to mention it before the event.
> I can live with sharing. Thanks for the info.

Well, we don't *need* DC-to-daylight access to those antennas, just the 
bands we're actually using, so it just makes sense to open up the other 
bands to other services as required and tap off just the 
bands/frequencies we're equipped for.  Ron's right, those ports are 
*valuable*.  ;-)

Now, that must be *some* multiplexer they have on each port, if a number 
of different transceivers are sharing the port -- keeping the ham 
transmitters from desensing the other receivers must have taken some 
engineering.  Quite impressive, if you think about it.

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