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     A very good message!  First, do not try starting with RS-15.  It is
very challenging and often not working.  Your assumption is correct you have
"too good an antenna" for your 2 meter uplink.  What you need is an antenna
that is a real "cloud warmer".

     Many will recommend an "egg beater" type antenna.  They work well, but
are moderately difficult to construct.  A real quick and dirty antenna that
I used for years was a noninverted vee.  It will look like television
"rabbit ears" when you are done.  Cut two 50 cm pieces of wire.  Solder one
to the center conductor of your coax and the other to the shield.  Using
some fishing line or string, hang the antenna so the ends of the wires you
cut are about 75 cm apart.  You may need to prune the wires to get a good
match depending on what is around your antenna.  I worked 42 states here in
the U.S. on RS-10 (which was like RS-12) with one of these hanging under a
branch of my mulberry tree and my trusty 10 Watt FT-480R.  It is not a good
antenna for low angle passes, but it works great on higher ones.  It may
favor the broadside a little so having the ends run east and west may help.
I see no reason why an inverted vee wouldn't do as well, but this was easier
to mount.

     A turnstile or even a simple 2 meter dipole will also work well for

73 and Good Luck,

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> Thank you for reading this post.
> I have always wanted to get into the Satellite mode of our hobby but
> until now have never had the gear to do so.
> I have now purchased a new FT-847 which gives me the capability to work
> some of the birds out there.
> I plan to start at the basement and work the "Easy Sats" first, namely
> RS12 & RS15 until I get the hang of it all.
> I have a dipole that I listen to the beacon on (29.408) where I can
> hear it without any trouble at all.
> My 2 Meter antenna is a base 5/8 Ground Independant Vertical.
> When I try and work into RS12, I hear my returned signal very faintly -
> no where near as loud as the beacon.  I have put this down to the
> vertical having a very low angle of radiation therefore when the sat
> passes over with anything greater than 30-45 degrees of elevation I
> can't hear myself at all.
> My question is:  What would be a good 2 Meter antenna to get me started
> off with and ensure I have reliable uplinks ??
> Best Regards
> Pete VK4CCV
> PS: Sorry for all the "I"s
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