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> For reliable communications you can either use a
> poor antenna but high power (100W or more,)
> or modest power with a pretty good antenna.
> I have had pretty good success with RS-12
> running 100 Watts into a 1/4 wave vertical in my car
> (mobile) and 2.5 watts into a good antenna at home.
> 73,
> Tony AA2TX
> ---

When 10m is not "open" and the downlink is good and strong, it is amazing
what is enough on RS12. Last year I was at a family reunion in GA and took
some gear for satellite work. I had a RS HTX-10 and a 5/8 mag mount whip
stuck to the side of my truck for the downlink. I was planning on using my
2m 1/4 wave whip for the uplink with an old IC-211 (10 watts), but managed
to forget the required BNC to UHF adapter. In the end, I set the 211 on the
hood and cut a 19 inch piece of wire, barked one end and stuck it in the
socket on the radio. The other end I put under the cap of a nearly empty
soda bottle and stood it behind the radio. I made 3 SSB contacts on that

Anything in a pinch!

Drew, KO4MA

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