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Hi Pete,

The attached article from the AMSAT Journal (1997?)
may be helpful. It provides an overview of the important
characteristics for a 2m LEO uplink antenna.
(If anyone else wants a copy, send me email.)

For reliable communications you can either use a
poor antenna but high power (100W or more,)
or modest power with a pretty good antenna.
I have had pretty good success with RS-12
running 100 Watts into a 1/4 wave vertical in my car
(mobile) and 2.5 watts into a good antenna at home.

Tony AA2TX
At 09:15 AM 1/16/02 +1000, pmoscatt@bigpond.net.au wrote:

>Thank you for reading this post.
>I have always wanted to get into the Satellite mode of our hobby but
>until now have never had the gear to do so.
>I have now purchased a new FT-847 which gives me the capability to work
>some of the birds out there.
>I plan to start at the basement and work the "Easy Sats" first, namely
>RS12 & RS15 until I get the hang of it all.
>I have a dipole that I listen to the beacon on (29.408) where I can
>hear it without any trouble at all.
>My 2 Meter antenna is a base 5/8 Ground Independant Vertical.
>When I try and work into RS12, I hear my returned signal very faintly -
>no where near as loud as the beacon.  I have put this down to the
>vertical having a very low angle of radiation therefore when the sat
>passes over with anything greater than 30-45 degrees of elevation I
>can't hear myself at all.
>My question is:  What would be a good 2 Meter antenna to get me started
>off with and ensure I have reliable uplinks ??
>Best Regards
>Pete VK4CCV
>PS: Sorry for all the "I"s
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