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Re: New Ham Radio Antenna Installed on ISS

At 18:09 01/15/2002 GMT, Richard W L Limebear wrote:
>Frank, Gang
>I didn't hear, before the publicity during the past week or so, that the
>new system was for Russian TV usage *as well as* amateur radio. Thought it
>was exclusively "ours"

Feedthrough holes from inside the station to outside are valuable
commodities not likely to be given to the amateur radio community
(especially 4 of them!) The deal we got was that ARISS could use
the four feedthroughs for our ham antennas under the condition
that whatever antennas we designed to mount there would also operate
on 2.00 GHz for a future Russian EVA suit video system. Since we are
going to have 4 of these multiband antennas installed we should be
able to share with the other folks. The antennas are also designed to
receive GPS at 1.5 GHz by the way.

Ron wa4sir

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