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Re: FT-847 frequency readback CAT command?

Margaret Leber wrote:
> On Monday 14 January 2002 14:19, Fernando Mederos wrote:
> > Anybody knows what are the CAT commands to read the VFOs from the
> > FT847?
> Yes...here's code fragments from some work of mine.
>      /* getFreq-- get current frequency and mode
>      *
>      *  CAT command word: xx xx xx 0x03 get main VFO freq/mode
>      *  CAT command word: xx xx xx 0x13 get sat RX VFO freq/mode
>      *  CAT command word: xx xx xx 0x23 get sat TX VFO freq/mode

My documentation shows FOUR dummy bytes ahead of the opcode, not
THREE dummy bytes as you have indicated (xx xx xx).  Do you know
something I don't?  (Well, that goes without saying!  I meant, do
you know something about this exact topic that I don't???)

Otherwise, my documenation matches your suggestions.
73 and good luck, John (KB0ZEV)
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