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Re: Digital Radios

> This is very true in reality. Six or seven years ago the marketing folks
> would have you believe that GSM was going to be the universal panacea. Sure
> you get value added services like 9600 bps data (ahem!), and SMS messaging,
> global roaming, security etc etc, but they failed to tell you that the bread
> and butter voice service would suffer far more from dropped calls than you
> ever had with analog.

Well, we are getting more and more GSM here on our side of the pond, so
maybe they were right!

Anyhow, Howard, I disagree with your statement about more dropped calls with
digital than analog.  As Phil Karn pointed out in another message, digital
often works well beyond the usable analog limit.  While you may stay
connected longer on an analog cell phone, the usability of that conversation
will be very poor.  On a digital phone, you generally have very few bit
errors until you just about drop (at least on a good system).  If you have
lots of dropped calls, it's because of a poor network in your area.



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