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USB to serial/parallel port adapters - correction.

Sorry to duplicate the post, but from the messages I received, I believe I generated some confusion - or rather Microslime Outlook
did - the URLs were truncated in my earlier post to about 70 characters - too short for the URLs to remain whole.

The discussion was on additional serial and parallel ports with new computers.... FWIW, here is the correction:

USB-to-Serial Cable


USB-to-Parallel Cable


Another solution is a USB-to-multi-port external adapter, which is cheaper (around $24), oddly enough, and would handle the rotor
control, TNC, etc.:


It plugs into one of your USB ports and provides 2-serial, 1-parallel, and four more USB ports.  Nifty.  (It arrived today.)  There
is also a smaller unit with just one serial and one parallel for around $17.

73 de Dan Fitch, KG4OVP

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